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Evergreen Geriatrics Membership

Mother and Daughter

The Membership Fee includes monthly visits for the evaluation and treatment of the essential components of health (Cognition, Medications, Mood, Sleep, Nutrition, Exercise, Frailty, Continence, Functional Status, Falls Prevention, Driving Safety, Advance Care Planning, Caregiver Support).  Evergreen offers in person and virtual visits.  Home visits may be considered depending on availability and for additional travel fee.  Patients have 24/7 access to Dr Alhumaid. 

Care at Evergreen Geriatrics begins with a 3-visit Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment.  This includes a thorough review of the patient’s past medical history, evaluation of geriatric and chronic conditions, and an organized write-up of all evaluation findings.  The cost of this is $2500. 


After the Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment is complete, patients may continue their care with Dr Alhumaid for the remainder of the year at the cost of an additional $2500.  For those who would like to continue their care on a month-to-month basis, they may choose to do so at the cost of $400/month.


Dr Alhumaid can serve as a Consulting Physician or take on the role of Primary Care Physician. 

Elderly Couple in a Vineyard

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