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Insurance Disclaimer

Evergreen Geriatrics, LLC is a private Geriatric Medicine consultative practice that operates as a retainer medical practice in the state of Oregon.  As such, it does not accept insurance, nor does it act as a medical insurance entity.  There is a monthly membership fee which covers access to the practice as well as routine visits.  The practice provides the scope of medical services specified in the retainer medical agreement.  Patients are responsible (and may use private insurance if applicable) for paying for all services not specified in the retainer medical agreement.  Because Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment is both time intensive and most effective when all parts of evaluation are completed together, we ask that patients initially commit to at least 1 year of membership.  During this first year, we ask that patients not terminate their membership other than for reasons beyond their control (relocation, severe illness, death, etc). After the first year, patients may end membership after giving us a 30 day notice. If applicable, prepaid membership fees will be prorated and refunded at that time.

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